Tips to reduce Morning Puffiness

Did you know it’s possible to maintain that charming spark of your eyes just by dealing with the morning puffiness? Read along to know how.

  • Keep it Cool: Rubbing in ice under the eye for 3-4 minutes can produce pretty dramatic results, really. Applying an eye-mask, one that can be chilled, is the best option. Alternatively, cucumber pieces can also be applied.
  • Hydrate under Eyes: Maintain a fair amount of moisture under your eyes. Try not to hide that puffiness by using a concealer all the time. Keep the area hydrated and you won’t have to work too hard on it.
  • Pack Remedy: Various eye masks and cool packs can go a long way in reducing the early morning puffiness. Just don’t overdo it.
  • Complete your sleep: This is perhaps the best advice on how to avoid dark circles and puffy eyes. Get the maximum sleep you can. The more you take rest and avoid stress, the better your skin is going to look.
  • Is your Bed Right: Avoid sleeping on feathery pillows and down comforters as feathers could be giving you bleary-eyes each morning.
  • Never Wash your Face in The Shower: As surprising as it might sound, it is highly recommended that you should always wash you face in your bathroom sink with cool water to reduce the puff. Avoid hot water showers for better results.

Follow these simple tips and you should be able to maintain fresh and gorgeous looking eyes all day long, right from the moment you wake up!

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