Summer Skincare Tips for Oily Skin

You no longer have to sit in front of your AC to combat oily skin. A little care and effort can is all you need. Follow these fairly simple tips to keep off with that excessive oil for a healthy and glowing skin during summers.

Have Plenty of Water

You will be surprised to know that maximum skin ageing occurs during summer. Therefore you need to consume lots of water to keep your skin hydrate.  Always apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you step out into the sun.

images (1)Use Face Mask

To avoid oily skin and to draw out skin impurities during summers, you need to apply face masks generously on your face and wash it off with luke warm water.


If you have been out in the sun for hours, make you moisturize. Use only organic products as other products containing harsh chemicals can strip off and damage your oily skin.

Avoid Excessive Sun

The main cause for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face is excessive sun exposure. Try not to expose your skin to the sun and apply sunscreens to avoid skin damage.

Lighten Up

Swap up your heavy foundation or BB creams with silicone. This will block your skin pores and create a barrier between your skin and the heat.

Eat Healthy & Stay Beautiful

You might be wondering that balanced nutrition affects your overall health & weight, but how can it improve the quality of your skin? Read on to find out how!

Here is a detailed list of what you need to add up in your diet for a radiant and youthful skin, based upon your skin type.

Oily Skin Type: The oily skin involves a great flow of sebum. The excess sebum secretion leads to shininess, blemishes and frequent acne breakouts accompanied with oily hair. People with oily skin should prefer eating foods that are rich in vitamin B6, as they help in reducing the sebum production. Wholegrain, tuna, capsicum, spinach, broccoli, nuts, eggs, legumes, etc are highly recommended.

Fast foods, processed and fried foods should be avoided.

Dry Skin Type: The dry skin involves little or no oil flow on the skin. This leads to seasonal sensitivities on the skin due to the lack of internal moisture. Chapped and cracked skin is one of the most common symptoms. It is advised to drink plenty of water and eat foods that are rich in watery content such as cucumber, melons, tomatoes, etc. Good fat rich Omega-3 fatty acids can help provide sufficient moisture. For this, coconut oil, avocados, fish and nuts should be consumed.

Consumption of alcohol and caffeine should be avoided.

Sensitive Skin Type: Sensitive skin is prone to rashes and flare-ups. Stinging, redness and itching are the common symptoms. The solution for such skin types is to create an alkaline environment inside the body. Alkaline foods build up the antioxidants and complete the amino acids chain for cell renewal in the body. Adding fresh juice to your early morning meal can be highly beneficial.

Avoid caffeine, aerated drinks, alcohol and junk and spicy foods.


Skin Care Tip of the Week

The skin care tip of this week is pretty simple and yet extremely effective. A clove of garlic is all that you need to ward off the biggest of your skin problems. Garlic is mainly associated with cooking, yet very few are aware of its medicinal values. The major health benefits of garlic include:

  • It stimulates sweating and is therefore useful in treating a sick patient suffering from fever.
  • It helps reduce the blood pressure.
  • It helps lower blood sugar levels.
  • It has got impressive anti-parasitic properties.
  • Helpful in fighting off fungal infections.
  • Highly effective in treating acne if applied topically.

Garlic Reduces Acne Eruptions

Yes, it is true! A garlic clove can help treat your infuriating acne. Simply follow the directions given below.

  1. Take a fresh garlic clove and remove its cover to expose the fleshy part of clove.
  2. Rub this fleshy part of clove onto the acne eruption for about a minute.
  3. Wait for an hour or two and wash the target skin area with water.

Repeat the above procedure every day for almost two weeks, till the time you start noticing some satisfactory results. Don’t give up too early.

Next thing you notice is that you are waking up with a radiant and glowing skin every day. Acne would almost certainly be history. Have a great garlic experience!

Halloween costumes 2013 – DIY

Look totally original this Halloween without spending too much. Here’s some great idea you may copy:

Marry Poppins

All you’ll need for looking like Marry Poppins is an old floral bag, a kooky hat, a long black skirt, if possible a black matching blazer and a white blouse. These are things you can easily get in your own closet or at least your friend’s.

Marry Poppins


Becoming a scarecrow is another fascinating yet simple idea. Wear a dungaree and complement it with a sack mask, that is cut out with eyes, nose and lips, wear some straw for hair and you’re ready.

Halloween Scarecrow Getup


Although a commoner for Halloween, creating a skeleton is another easy way out. Just get some good quality white paint for the skin and some a single shade tight fitting clothes. Paint your face like a skull and the body like a skeleton.

 Halloween Skeleton 

Tips to reduce Morning Puffiness

Did you know it’s possible to maintain that charming spark of your eyes just by dealing with the morning puffiness? Read along to know how.

  • Keep it Cool: Rubbing in ice under the eye for 3-4 minutes can produce pretty dramatic results, really. Applying an eye-mask, one that can be chilled, is the best option. Alternatively, cucumber pieces can also be applied.
  • Hydrate under Eyes: Maintain a fair amount of moisture under your eyes. Try not to hide that puffiness by using a concealer all the time. Keep the area hydrated and you won’t have to work too hard on it.
  • Pack Remedy: Various eye masks and cool packs can go a long way in reducing the early morning puffiness. Just don’t overdo it.
  • Complete your sleep: This is perhaps the best advice on how to avoid dark circles and puffy eyes. Get the maximum sleep you can. The more you take rest and avoid stress, the better your skin is going to look.
  • Is your Bed Right: Avoid sleeping on feathery pillows and down comforters as feathers could be giving you bleary-eyes each morning.
  • Never Wash your Face in The Shower: As surprising as it might sound, it is highly recommended that you should always wash you face in your bathroom sink with cool water to reduce the puff. Avoid hot water showers for better results.

Follow these simple tips and you should be able to maintain fresh and gorgeous looking eyes all day long, right from the moment you wake up!

5 Things Your Skin Needs Every Day

nullWe all want clear, healthy and bright looking skin; to attain that, we need to take care of the skin every day. The skin needs a regular attention, and just ‘once a week care’ isn’t enough at all for it to remain and look healthy.

Here we have listed for your reference five simple thing your skin needs every day.

Drink lots of water

Drinking water helps flush out toxins and helps the skin tissues to absorb the vital nutrients. Water also helps the skin look hydrated and enhances the ability of the digestive system. A person should ensure consumption of 8-10 glass of water on a daily basis.

Daily cleansing

Daily cleansing of the skin is important to remove dirt and keep the skin oil free. Cleansing helps in getting rid of makeup and other skin products that you may have used during the day. It is important to massage the skin gently while cleansing.


Antioxidants, found in edibles like fruits, fish, vegetables etc, have agents which fight free radicals that damage healthy skin cells. If you are not, you need to be consuming more of antioxidants and vitamin C and E. Vitamin C and E help boost collagen level protect cells respectively, which are both vital for glowing skin.

Frequent moisturizing

Nourish the skin daily with moisturizer. Moisturizing couple of times a day is vital for healthy, blemish-less skin.

Apply sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen every day, irrespective of the weather outside protects the skin against sun damage and ageing. If you don’t want flabby, discolored and pigmented skin, the wear a sunscreen every day.