Halloween costumes 2013 – DIY

Look totally original this Halloween without spending too much. Here’s some great idea you may copy:

Marry Poppins

All you’ll need for looking like Marry Poppins is an old floral bag, a kooky hat, a long black skirt, if possible a black matching blazer and a white blouse. These are things you can easily get in your own closet or at least your friend’s.

Marry Poppins


Becoming a scarecrow is another fascinating yet simple idea. Wear a dungaree and complement it with a sack mask, that is cut out with eyes, nose and lips, wear some straw for hair and you’re ready.

Halloween Scarecrow Getup


Although a commoner for Halloween, creating a skeleton is another easy way out. Just get some good quality white paint for the skin and some a single shade tight fitting clothes. Paint your face like a skull and the body like a skeleton.

 Halloween Skeleton 

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