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Common Skincare Myths to Be Debunked

Skincare myths, delusions and fallacies are as plenteous as cleansers in a corner store. With so much hype and buzz about skincare products, treatments and so called “expert advice” today’s consumer is left confused.

The Right Skin Care for Every Age

With growing age your skin undergoes a plethora of changes and to age gracefully it demands utmost care. Follow these tips to learn right skin care for your age.

4 Handy Tips for Mitts

Are you aware that skin at the back of your hands is double the times thinner than the rest of your body? And according to an old saying, how much ever you keep your facial skin glowing, your hands are sure to give away your age. Read along for some handy tips to brush up your skin and get flawless and beautiful hands.

Beauty Gift Ideas for This Christmas

Make this Christmas special for your loved ones special by giving gifting them the most needed beauty products. From makeup gift items to stunning hair kits, be more meaningful this festive season. Check a list of beauty products you can present to people you love.

Summer Skincare Tips for Oily Skin

Hot weather means humidity, chlorine and salt water which collectively take their toll on our skin during the summers. The skin becomes more oily and greasy and hence prone to pimples and other infections. Here are the tips to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy all through the summers.

Halloween costumes 2013 – DIY

Its’ the time when we all are getting ready to celebrate Halloween and designing our funky and scary costumes. So here are some great DIY tips you can use.