4 Handy Tips for Mitts

Hereis a list of 4 handy tips for mitts which you can easily include in your daily beauty regime to maintain rejuvenated and flawless hands.

Keeping them Clean

Make it a habit to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and lather for about a minimum of 15 seconds and then wash it away with luke warm water.

Overcoming Anxiety – No more biting your nails

Women Biting Nails

Biting your nails is actually a sign of anxiety. But you might not be aware of the fact that in order to overcome anxiety, you might just also bite off your nail cuticles. Therefore go for regular manicure and avoid biting your nails.

Avoid Spots – Protect Hands with a Sunscreen

Age spots are not just meant for your face, they even appear on your hands. Make sure you apply an even quantity of sunscreen at the back of your hands every time before you step out into the sun.

Apply Sunscreen


Keep your hands soft throughout the day by applying a generous quantity of hand cream or body butter on regular intervals.

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